Experienced and successful management, aligned with ownership.

Trilogy’s outsourced spa, lifestyle and fitness management solution, with state-of-the-art planning and management practices that drive revenue and maximize profitability. 

Luxury hotel spas are a rarified world, with nuances and practices and that differ from a hotel’s core business of rooms.  Our team of specialists are all hand-picked for their luxury hotel spa background, creative thinking and entrepreneurial drive.  Acknowledged experts in their field, they possess the skills to drive spa top-line revenues, maximize profit and deliver the highest quality experience to guests.

Owners who are looking for a comprehensive spa management solution will find that, by utilizing state-of-the-art spa management practices, Trilogy’s team of experts can not only grow your spa business, but add value and visibility to your property or entire portfolio.

With depth of experience and a proven track record, Trilogy is at the forefront of creating strategies for driving spa revenue and improving profitability.  We operate in different markets, so we understand – and know how to implement –– the latest trends in spa design, management, operations, menu development, and marketing and public relations.

Engaging a spa management company when your hotel or project is still in development is the key to ensuring your spa performs at its peak potential.  We can help right-size your spa so that you don’t make the costly mistake of building too few – or too many – treatment rooms.

Trilogy also manages existing assets that need  to be repositioned, allowing the property’s top management to focus on rooms, the most profitable sector of the business.  GMs only have so much time in the day, and spas are outside their core expertise.  Trilogy allows your management team to focus their time on the rooms division, while we apply our market expertise to the spa.

The bottom line is that Trilogy delivers a flawless guest experience, improves the value and visibility of your asset, and actualizes higher profitability for your spa.

Brands using Trilogy services