Brand Partners

When you partner with Trilogy, you are aligning your business with the beauty industry’s most sought-after iconic brands.

The Power of Brands Brands matter, and never more so than today. With an escalating array of guest choices and competition, brands are the most effective way to differentiate and reach customers on an emotional level. Brands are a promise that creates a preference.

Branded Spa Strategy Only Trilogy provides access to an array of iconic beauty brands for use in distinctive hotel properties. Trilogy marries the right beauty brand and hotel brand to create synergistic branded spas, which maximize local usage and hotel guest “share of wallet.”

Branded Awareness Consumers gravitate to the brands they “Know and Trust” because they consistently deliver on their brand promise, and influence consumers to choose high-value experiences.

Branded spas unlock multi-year + $100 million brand marketing and advertising spends for the benefit of your property including “priceless” public relations coverage.

Brands Retain Consumers Because Iconic brands offer a differentiated customer experience by leveraging the extraordinary R&D capabilities of global cosmetics brands to provide world-class products and services.

Global spa brands tend to enjoy stronger revenue growth, larger gross margins, and exhibit less “systematic” business risk.

Professional spa management – fueled by the power of brands – Trilogy provides long-term, turnkey partnerships with International beauty brands such as:

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