Asset Management

Proven success metrics to ensure enhanced financial performance. The bottom line is top of mind.

Trilogy’s market-proven methodology to improve spa performance, protect your asset and promote profitability. 

Owners with underperforming spas and existing brand contracts that prevent full outsourcing of spa management can turn to Trilogy as their spa asset manager.  As highly experienced specialists in the world of luxury hotel spas, the Trilogy team is at the forefront of creating strategies for driving spa revenue and improving profitability.  You will find us to be a nimble, creative, bottom-line oriented partner who can grow your spa business and add value to your property or portfolio.

One of Trilogy’s strengths is that we operate in different markets and understand the latest trends in spa management.  We act as your eyes and ears, protecting your financial investment and driving new revenue that transforms the spa into a profitable asset.

Our methodology is to evaluate the spa in a highly detailed way.  Our team analyzes the competitive set so that all our recommendations are customized to each property’s unique market conditions.

Using cutting-edge market information and analysis, we evaluate where the spa is missing out on critical revenue due to outmoded management, payroll, and pricing practices.  Next, we identify overlooked markets and marketing opportunities that are proven to build traffic,  everything from partnerships to changes in the spa menu.

We outline short and long-term operational and marketing strategies, then continue with ongoing communications to make sure that goals are being met, that the on-property spa management team is performing at the expected level and that strategies are being properly executed.

The spa asset management model is customized to fit each client’s needs and can include additional marketing, HR, and operations support.  Our goal, as always, is to promote the owner’s interest by making the spa more profitable, delivering a flawless guest experience, and increasing the value and visibility of your asset.

Trilogy asset management